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My name is Thomas Gray, and I am the Owner of Thomas J Gray Funeral Services an Independent and family-run Funeral Directors that has passion for the community, dedication to each and every client we serve, and the upmost respect and dignity to those no longer with us. At Thomas J Gray Funeral Services we vow to give the best service possible, working very closely with the bereaved, to execute the perfect, personal send off for the deceased.

Our Promise to You

We are proud to be a local business, and we thrive upon the community atmosphere that we intend to fully immerse ourselves in. Our absolute priority is for every one of our clients to be treated with the upmost care and dignity, and to treat every deceased that comes into our care with the highest level of respect.

Traditional Funerals


Cremations are now the most popular form of funeral. Most people will want a ceremony at the crematorium – using their chapel – but you can also hold the service in a church or other venue of your choice prior to the cremation.

It is entirely up to you if you want the service to be religious or non-religious. A religious service will be conducted by an ordained minister or clergy from a specific faith or religion whereas a non-religious ceremony can have a civil celebrant or officiant from the humanist society.

Thomas J Gray Funeral Services we can help make arrangements for whichever type of service you would like.


Funeral services can be as formal or informal as you would like – and it’s entirely up to you as to how religious the service is depending on your beliefs and the wishes of your loved one.
Thomas J Gray Funeral Services can organise the funeral and a burial at your chosen cemetery, graveyard or burial ground and purchase a grave on your behalf where necessary. Most burial grounds have a chapel or room where the service can take place, but you may decide you want the service to take place in a particular church or other venue that has meaning for you. 

If you already have a family burial plot we may be able to arrange for it to be reopened before the burial. If you would like burial plots which are next to each other, you’ll need to talk to the local authority about the possibility of purchasing or reserving multiple plots and again, we can help you with this.

Direct Cremation Service

A Direct Cremation Service is a simple, dignified  and affordable funeral. We will take care of all the necessary arrangements including:

All cremations will take place at a local crematorium with a time and date allocated to the family unlike those advertised on TV
and also ashes returned to the family if required 24hrs after funeral.
There will be no hidden/unwanted costs and all this can be affordable and incorporated for:


Funeral Notices

All our Funeral Notices are listed on

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